Ultra Beam Lighting Review

Many of us enjoy reading in bed. It helps to relax our brains after a long day at
work. Furthermore, we are able to understand and recall the material which we read if we do so right before sleeping. To view and understand every word, it is important to use a reading light. There are various types and models of these lights. A variety of companies around the world provide these types of lights as well. An example of such is Ultra Beam Lighting. They have a wide collection of LED Reading Lights for you. Read on to discover more about their product variety.

● Varieties of LED Wall Lights UK that you can get from this company


• The switched and wall mounted LED reading light


This is a great alternative to the traditional types of halogen reading lights. It can be installed in domestic and commercial spaces. The switched and wall mounted LED reading light contains a 3 Watt LED light that produces 3200k white light. It is bright, yet comfortable for you.


Seeing as it is wall mounted, this light fixture has a driver which sits neatly in the wall plate. Just like any other regular light fixture, the switched and wall mounted LED reading light can be powered using a 240 volt power source. Upon purchase, you enjoy a 12 month warranty.


• Rapino recessed LED reading light


Jet black in color, this reading light can be installed in homes or hotels. It has an attractive design where its body fits right into the wall for a flush, recessed appearance. The fixture makes use of a 3 Watt LED bulb. Capable of producing 120 lumen, the Rapino recessed LED reading light is an ideal choice as a bedside reading light.


A nifty feature of this unit is that you can twist or tilt its head so as to enjoy a flexible lighting angle. Its switch is touch sensitive hence easy to turn on or off. It can be powered by a regular 240 volt power source. In addition to that, this reading light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Therefore, you can rely on it for a long time. Upon purchasing the Rapino recessed LED reading light, you can enjoy a 3 year warranty.




To have an enjoyable experience while reading in bed, it is important to invest in a high quality reading light. The varieties mentioned above are excellent choices. Provided by the Ultra Beam Lighting company, they are ideal companions for bedroom reading.

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